A weekend of Professional Development at Pinewood


While the students were at home on Friday 15th, the secondary teachers had a full, fruitful day of professional development. The focus of the professional development was exploring useful, practical teaching strategies for differentiating teaching in the classroom. The morning included practical ideas on how to adjust teaching to make content and skills more accessible for different types of learners. During the afternoon, teachers were encouraged to share effective practice they already use in their classrooms which other teachers might find useful. All teachers came away with a better understanding of ways to adjust learning to reach the variety of learners in their classroom.

The dedicated elementary teachers came in on Saturday 16th to attend a session given by Sophia Tsinakis from American Community Schools of Athens. Sophia lead an incredibly helpful and insightful professional development day on the new Lucy Calkins Reading and Writing Programs that we have implemented this year. The day allowed the teachers to discuss logistical questions about the program with Sophia, an experienced, passionate teacher, who has been teaching the Lucy Calkins program for many years. Teachers finished the day eager to try some of the suggestions in their classrooms this week.