A21 Walk for Freedom (Oct 14, 2017)


In an impressive demonstration of solidarity and representing more than 27.000.000 people who are still trapped in slavery today, Pinewood students massively embraced this year’s A21 Walk for Freedom. Together with thousands of people in 600 cities all over the world, they walked silently from the port entrance to the White Tower in order to raise awareness among the general public and protest against the systematic violation of human rights still occurring today in many parts of the world. 

A21 is a nonprofit organization that works to reach, rescue, and restore shattered lives of people across gender, race, religion, and nationality, people who find themselves deprived of their personal freedom and dignity in terrible conditions of physical and sexual slavery. Foregrounding such bitter yet true, daily stories of racism, trafficking, and exploitation, A21 volunteers struggle to rescue victims, seek justice against the perpetrators, and restore survivors to a decent life.

Sharing such a benevolent vision for a world without slavery, our students walked for freedom in order to spread the message that it is the hands of each and every one of us to bring about change, it is the responsibility of all of us to care for each other, and it is the duty of the global citizens of the tomorrow to create history together and contribute to a world free from the mistakes of the past. #MyFreedomDay #CNN #CNNfreedom

– Dr. Apostolos Rofaelas