C YOU Art Competition



Choose the Alternative: Answer youth violence with creativity

ARSIS, the non-profit organization for the protection of youth rights, with the cooperation of the C You Project (Communities Preventing Youth Violence), have  organized a YOUTH ART COMPETITION for students 15 to 25 year old in Thessaloniki.

All artwork entries must focus on the prevention of Violence and Bullying, including the causes and the effects. The participants choose the form of art they will use (photograph, video, grafiti, poetry, drawing, drama, or other).

PRIZE: Trip to Sweden: Winning projects from every participating country will be presented in Sweden in the Fall of 2013.

DEADLINE: The deadline for submission of art projects is December 10, 2012.

Ms. Gabriella Sampsonidou and Ms. Oli Partala presented the project to Pinewood Secondary students last week and conducted a valuable discussion on bullying in schools.

Pinewood students gave excellent answers to Ms. Partala’s  questions about what makes a bully, why kids are bullied and what can be done to prevent it. Interestingly, Ms. Partala said that bullies and bullied children have many things in common like fear, uncertainty, insecurity or low self esteem. Moreover Ms. Partala advised students not to fight back with violence but not to tolerate bullying either. She concluded by advising all students to protect others and to ask for help.

We would like to thank Ms. Sampsonidou and Ms. Partala for accepting our invitation to speak to our secondary students.

We are delighted to share that many Pinewood high school students are participating in the CYou Youth Art Competition with a number of projects varying from videos and comic to poems and stories.

Good luck to all Pinewood teams.

Mrs. Tsaloumi

CAS Advisor, Economics and Business Teacher