December Library News


New books in the library!

The library is happy to report that our November School Order has given the school 275 euros in rewards to spend on new books!  There are many new exciting titles just in for all ages.  Grade 5 students have already been lining up to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid’s latest novel: Cabin Fever. Other titles include the Beast Quest Series, My Sister the Vampire, a Sarah Dessen Collection and Jacqueline Wilson’s Sapphire Battersea.  Check out other new titles at the library. You’re sure to find something you’ll like!

Book Table at Pinewood’s Christmas Bazaar, Dec 18th.

At our Annual Book Table, we will be selling some wonderful books, kits, quizzes and activity books for all ages.

Where’s Wally: Spectacular Poster Book,  Hello Kitty Xmas Sticker Book, Pocket Power Super Cars, How to survive Christmas Chaos with Horrid Henry, How to draw your own graphic novel , are just some of the titles you will find.

You will  find many new Scholastic titles for 2  – 5 euros!

We will also be giving away free books from our discarded titles.

Activities for Young Children on Dec 18th.

During the bazaar, we will have a crafts table where your children can make bookmarks and bookplates for their favorite books!

Thanks from the library.

The library would like to thank Ms. Pinakidou, Ms. Castling,  Ms. Yannoulis, Mr. Mc Clure  and Ms. Villalba for their  book donations to the library.

Thanks also goes to Mr. Poimenidis who has done the painstaking job of covering many of the new books we have ordered and to Ms. Tsolaki for helping in the library.

Ordering Online from Scholastic.

Members of the Pinewood Community may order books for their children or resource books for teaching without waiting for a school group order to open.

Just pick up a Scholastic catalog from the school or search online. Go to and then click on Parents to proceed.

For these orders, you will need to pay with your credit card and have the books delivered to the school. This serves the dual purpose of gaining credits for the school library and you saving on postage and packaging.

If you have any problems ordering online, please come and see either me or Ms. Georgia, who can guide you through the process.

New Noticeboards at the Library entrance!

Our new noticeboards have already added plenty of color to the entrance of the library. Grades 1-3 have been busy making maps of the library which are now on display.

Grades 4 and 5 are finishing their Quiz Time and a general knowledge quiz will soon be ready for some fun time in the library. Students participating in the D.E.A.R. Project are encouraged to bring down work related to the books they are reading. It is hoped that we can fill this space with quotes, articles, reviews and subjects of interest to all our students.