Congratulations to our Elementary Drama Club students for their wonderful performance of ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ on Saturday, June 10. The show was a blast and everyone laughed at the sweet mischief and adventures of the five lucky finders of the golden tickets. Students from Grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 worked hard throughout the yearto facilitate not just the production of a play but also to transform themselves into passionate performers with a deep respect for the craft.

Willy Wonka continually says that ‘there is no life to compare with pure imagination’ and that is the foundation for one of Pinewood’s core values: creativity. Creative drama provides an outlet for young children to express their thoughts, wishes, and emotions. It challenges their perception of their world and of themselves and shapes meaningful connections with ideas and people. This process facilitates their growth as individuals with a sense of agency and assertiveness.  

Thank you all for supporting us and for joining us in unfolding this captivating story written by Roald Dahl (1976) and adapted by Richard George (2017), which is highly relevant at a time when equity and frugality hold a prominent place in our lifestyles, as we try to cultivate and sustain a global mindset. Last but not least, a heartfelt thank you to the Drama Junior students who starred as guests and lifted our spirits up with their singing and dancing. Bravo to everyone! I would also like to thank everyone who helped throughout the year and supported our efforts in every way imaginable! Your time, energy, and encouragement did not go unnoticed not only by attending the show, supervising backstage, and enjoying good laughs with the students but also by crafting props, providing ideas and even carrying things around! You know who you are and how much you have contributed and I am grateful for every single act of kindness you performed! Thank you!