Economics IB 2 class participates in Generation €uro Students’ Award 2016


How much do you know about the role and objectives of the ECB (European Central Bank)? ECBs decisions affect our everyday life more that we may think….

ECB’s major objective is to control inflation and have price stability in the Eurozone. Moreover some of the responsibilities of the ECB are to define and implement monetary policy in the Euro area and authorisz the issuance of euro banknotes.

Our Economics IB 2 students have studied monetary policy and the current monetary policy challenges in the Eurozone in class and have been preparing every Tuesday after school to participate in the Generation Euro Award competition.

There are three rounds to the competition:

  • Round 1 (online quiz) November, 2015
  • Round 2 (analysis) February, 2016
  • Round 3 (presentation) April, 2016

If our team scores 95% and above on the Quiz next Tuesday Nov. 10, they will continue to the second round where they will write an economic analysis for the second round in February 2016. The winning teams of the second round will prepare a presentation and travel to Frankfurt,Germany to participate in the European Award Event at the ECB and meet President Mario Draghi in April 2016.

The Economics IB2 students are very excited and are trying very hard to do well.

Wish our students good luck,

Katerina Tsaloumi
Economics IB2 Teacher