Elementary Field Trip to Petralona


Recently, the intermediate elementary classes of Mr. Kois (Grade 4), Mrs. Cost (Grade 5), and Mr. Harrington (Grade 6) had the opportunity to explore the cave of Petralona as an enrichment activity linked to their curriculum. The cave of Petralona, “embellished” with stalagmites and stalactites, is located in the west foot of the Katsika (Goat) mountain. An inhabitant of Petralona found it in 1959, and it became well known all over the world in 1960, when the skull of Arhanthropos was unearthed. Animal fossils such as lions, hyenas, bears, panthers, elephants, rhinoceros, bison, deer, birds, and hippos are on display in the charming museum with numerous exhibits and artwork.

Our students were mesmerized by the experience of Petralona and are now working to create a field study booklet depicting numerous areas of interest. Within 45 minutes of the Pinewood campus, we highly recommend Petralona as a wonderful family daytrip. Don’t forget to pack a picnic!