Elementary trip to the Olympic Museum!


Pinewood Elementary School Trip to the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki

Monday, December 4, 2017

On Monday December 4th, the whole Elementary School visited the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki to kick off our Winter Break Celebrations. Our partners in Cultural Events, the Olympic Museum’s Educators, organized an array of fun Museo-Educational Activities for our students, where mind and body were intrigued and trained. Ten specialized Educators welcomed us, showed us around the Museum and then guided our groups of students through the intricacies of fencing, archery, golf, long jump and many more, known or less known, Olympic Games. Of course.. that’s not all. Three Thessaloniki Chefs, imbued in Christmas Spirit taught us how to cook and decorate cookies and cakes! 

Pinewood Elementary School sends a warm Thank You to every single Olympic Museum Educator and wishes Season’s Greetings to all!

Pinewood Elementary School Teachers and Staff

Amalia Spiliakou, Host Country Studies coordinator