ENTREPINEUR Talk: A Pinewood High Podcast


Grade 9 & 10 Students Become Business Journalists

Career Day is coming up at Pinewood Middle/High. In preparation, our entrepreneurship teacher Ms. Katerina Neroulia prompted her students to create a podcast out of their last major project: an Entrepreneurship Interview.

The goal of the project was to encourage students to practice their communication skills while gaining insightful business knowledge and personal stories from their interview subjects. Students reached out to entrepreneurs in the community, some even tapped into their own familial networks, to learn about the entrepreneurship spirit present in their lives. Students demonstrated great agency and initiative as they wrote, scheduled, and recorded their own interviews with a professional in an industry of their own interest.

Watch/Listen below the podcast episodes, updated weekly on the Pinewood Facebook and Instagram page (both @pinewoodthessaloniki).

(original audio in Spanish)

Episode 3 [Posted 28/1/2024]:
Pasterleria Antoxos with Angela Placer

Previous Episodes:

Episode 2 [Posted 21/1/2024]:
Elegant Things Co. with Rafal El Hares

Episode 1 [Posted 14/1/2024]:
Iris Galerie with Gabriele Cerullo