European Maths Challenge


This is the second year that our students will be participating in the European Maths Challenge.
Last year, Pinewood was the top scoring school in Greece with Dan Isaidis earning the top score.

Students can practice for this event over the next couple of days. During this warm up session, students
can practice math concepts to prepare for day 1 of the challenge, and warm up their mental
maths skills in preparation for day 2 of the challenge.

Day 1 – Curriculum Mathletics (00:00am to 11:59pm) Monday, May 14

Students will be given a challenge specific course comprised of adaptive Mathletics activities
testing their knowledge and ability on mathematical concepts. 10 points per correct answer
is awarded. A maximum of 300 points per activity can be achieved and a maximum of 15000
points can be earned from day 1.

Day 2 – Live Mathletics (00:00am to 11:59pm) Tuesday, May 15

Students have their mental maths skills challenged across 10 levels of 60-second races against
other students. 1 point per correct answer is awarded.

Good luck everyone.

Ms. Mary Tsoulfa

Mathematics Coordinator