Fall Fieldtrips in the Foliage

Our annual fall fieldtrips for Elementary and Secondary students took place on Friday, September 20th with the Elementary students and teachers traveling to Apolimena Petra and the Secondary students and teachers visiting Agios Nikolaos (Naoussa). Both trips were a great way for new and returning students to bond with their peers, enjoy the beautiful autumn weather and simply enjoy nature.

According to the most current research (or your own observations), children spend more time in front of the computer and/or television than they do playing and exploring outdoors. To read more about the benefits of outdoor play for children, among other stress relief strategies, visit this Huffington Post article titled, “Ten Ways to Minimize Your Child’s Stress”listed at the bottom of this article.Here, you will read that physical activity, free time and outdoor play are among the best ways for each child to be stress-free.

Also, visit our website’s Photo Gallery for photos of the Secondary trip to Agios Nikolaos in Naoussa!