High School Student Council – Elementary School Movie Event


On Tuesday, May 6, the High School Student Council, and particularly Grade 9 Student Council members Rita Platanos and Niya Kafedzhiyska, organized a Movie Afternoon Event for Elementary School students in Grades 2, 3, 4, and 5. The event was hosted in Mr. Kois’s room in the afternoon, and the movie we saw was “Frozen,” a Disney production.  Students were treated with juices, popcorn, chips and sweets, from which they undoubtedly enjoyed the popcorn the most. The event was chaperoned by High School Student Council Officers and Advisors, among which were Rita Platanos, Niya Kafedzhiyska, Maria Poimenidou, Galini Poimenidou, Smaragda Spyrou and Savvas Sfairopoulos, as well as Ms. Manney and Ms. Squires.

We are happy to report that 45 Elementary School students attended our Movie event, and we would like to thank all Elementary School teachers, especially Mr. Kois, for cooperating with us and helping us to organize it. We received positive comments from other teachers, even from the Early Years Program, and we will be more than happy to organize more of these events in future, thus involving the youngest members of Pinewood in our activities.   

 – Niya Kafedzhiyska, Grade 9 Class President