Let’s Do It Greece!!!


Our school subscribed to LETS DO IT GREECE, the largest and most rapidly growing voluntary environmental awareness campaign on a global scale involving 108 countries and 8,000,000 volunteers. Every year, thousands of people from every part of the planet, clean their countries, passing the message of improvement and protection of the natural and urban environment. During this week (20-24 April) our school will pass its own environmental message through various activities. Some of these activities are:  
1) EYP: flower planting 2) ELEMENTARY: trees planting 3) SECONDARY: plastic water bottles waste at school 4) 5th graders built solar ovens and cooked pizzas – after a discussion of energy conservation and renewable resources)
5) Science club teams performed  an oil spill clean up (remembering the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill 5 years ago – and how tragic this would be if drilling were to take place in Greek waters).      

Ms. Christina Pagidou
Mrs. Niki Tzivanaki