My actions matter – Eco Schools environmental campaign


Global Action Days - #MyActionsMatter Guide for Schools

Pinewood Environmental club, joins my action matter campaign to support eco schools! We invite everyone to participate to support our efforts in raising awareness on how important is everyone’s action for the environment.  

Join the campaign following below step:

Download the TreasureEarth app by clicking on one of the links below and create a user for yourself (click on sign up): 



-CODE: For Greece your activation Code is 9uqA6xV

-You will receive an email to confirm your registration and activate your account (remember to check your spam!)

-Have a look around in the app. Remember that the #MyActionsMatter campaign first will become visible on Monday 19 April. In the meantime, you can sign up for the ‘Kickstarter Campaign’ if you want to test how the app works.  

-Click ‘Communities’ at the bottom of the app. Your National Operator will create a Community for your country. Please join this: #MyActionMatter Greece

On Monday the 19th, you will see the #MyActionsMatter campaign in the app under “campaigns”. Make sure to “join” the campaign and then you will be presented one action a day for 21 days. 

If you choose to do an action, simply click on “Complete this task” and it will be logged in your diary. TIP: Refresh pages in the app by “dragging down” the page with one finger. If you complete an action and it doesn’t show right away, try refreshing the page.

Contact Ms.Chrysi Theodoridou, our Environmental Club coordinator for details and question at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can students younger than 13 participate in the campaign?

Because of the digital age of consent, the campaign is designed for 13 years and older. If you would like to involve younger students, we recommend that a teacher or parent downloads and registers for the app and does the actions together with their students.


  • When will the action of the day become visible

The MyActionsMatter campaign will become visible in the app on Monday the 19th of April. Once a user joins the campaign in the app, a new action will become visible each day (following the time zone GMT+0).


  • Must participants do the action of the day on the same day as it become visible?

You will be able to see all the past actions, so if you don’t have time to complete one on a certain day, you can choose to do it later in the week.  The last day of the campaign is May 16. 

Also, none of the actions are compulsory! You may choose which ones you want to carry out. The more, the better 😊 

  • Does the app comply with GDPR?

Yes, Now.Here. has signed FEE’s GDPR agreement and all personal data will be removed 3 weeks after the campaign. 

Inside the app, you can find also Now.Here.’s privacy policy – simply click on the top right circle to go to your own account.

  • Can the campaign be implemented offline?

Yes, the actions will be uploaded on the Eco-Schools website:  Here we will publish the actions week by week (starting on Monday the 19th). This can be a help in case someone cannot download the app.