Photo & Video Competition Final Results


On May 18th the photo and video competition awards ceremony took place in the Pinewood gym.

The winners are:

Landscape and Nature:
Ioannis Raptopoulos
12th grade
Education and studying:
Aleksandra Stoykova
12th Grade
Photo story in four frames:
Giannos Binopoulos  10th Grade
Creative selfie-artistic portrait:
Ludovica Lunigiani 12th Grade
Urban stories:
Marina Raptopoulou 11th Grade

Frida Kahlo & Luisa Kahlo
Niya Kafedzhiyska – Luisa Huluba
11th Grade

Video competition winner: Gabriel Villalba 6th Grade.

Overall winner:(Voted by Mr.Takis Tzimas) Niya Kafedzhiyska – Luisa Huluba 11th Grade

This year in order to make the competition more interesting and more fair for all the participants, Mr. Takis Tzimas, owner and editor of the best high quality photographic magazine in Greece”PHOTOGRAPHOS”, choose the winning photo from the aggregate of all submited photos.

There is also an article about the competition in the May-June edition of the magazine.
I would like to thank all  the participants and all those who helped in order for the competition to be a successful one. Next years’ competition will be announced from the beginning of the school year.

Be prepared!

Kostas Papantoniou-
School Photographer