Pinewood Economics IB2 Class Passes the 1st Round of the Generation Euro Award!


Congratulations to our Economics IB2 students who scored 97% on the online quiz and passed the 1st round of the Generation Euro Award Competition and entered the 2nd round.

Ms. Tsaloumi has been invited and will attend a preparatory Teacher’s Day event on Friday, November 27, 2015 organized by the ECB in Frankfurt am Main, Germany where information will be provided on how to prepare our students for the following rounds.

Our Economics IB2 students have put a lot of effort, shown great enthusiasm and demonstrated incredible team spirit. There was a lot of excitement during the on-line quiz and the team received a certificate from the ECB for their success. The effort will continue and hope our Economics IB2 class makes it to the 3rd round so the whole team can visit the ECB in Frankfurt am Main…

Again KUDOS to Pinewood EconIB2 team !!!

Mrs. Katerina Tsaloumi
Business/Economics Instructor