PreK2 and Grade 5 visit the Macedonian Museum of Art!


On arrival at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, the Pre K 2 students were asked by the guide,” What do you think you’ll see in the museum today?”. Imagine her surprise when the children shouted out ” Jackson Pollock” and ” Van Gogh”!!

Pre-K 2 children had just finished their project on ‘ Art Appreciation’ – looking at various artists and their work and had very strong opinions about art!  At the museum, the guide led the children through a story of two sculptures on display – Adam and Eve – and then it was into the craft rooms to make their very own masterpieces!  Our class of 4-year-old students had a wonderful experience and as always, behaved beautifully! 

What does water cascading over umbrellas, a bobbing skeleton, and a domino-effect video have in common?  “Movement in Sculpture With the Use of Technology”! This was the theme of the very engaging interactive art exhibit which the 5th grade students experienced in their tour of the Macedonian museum. At first glance, these modern sculptures didn’t communicate much to the children.  After a brilliant presentation, however, (which was conducted in English) these children came away with a new understanding and appreciation of modern art.  As with the Pre-K, the students took part in a hands-on activity at the end of the exhibit, where they were able to create their own movable sculpture.  Two hours passed in the blink of an eye! 

Mrs. Monica Varsakopoulos, Grade 5
Mrs. Fay Castling, PreK2