PSAT Scores Arrive For Grades 10 & 11

However, as advised by College Board, the scores are just the beginning.  Other important data available on the report include score ranges and percentiles.  Score ranges show how much scores might vary if your child were to take the test repeatedly without learning additional skills.  Percentiles compare your child’s performance to that of all other students who took the test in his or her grade level.   Notably, scores on the PSAT are a valuable tool for estimating performance on the SAT.

All students who have taken the PSAT receive free access to “My College QuickStart” at, a personalized college planning tool that may be accessed by using the personal code found at the bottom of your child’s score report. On this site, your child can access the following:

  • My Online Score Report — an enhanced score report that allows students to review each test question, their answers and the correct answers with explanations.
  • My Personality — a detailed personality test that helps students learn about themselves and discover majors and careers that fit their strengths and interests.
  • My Major & Career Matches — extensive information about majors and careers, including insights about what to expect and what courses to take now.
  • My College Matches — a starter list of colleges based on students’ indicated choice of major.