Alexander Ammerman Memorial Scholarship 2023-2024

Alexander William Ammerman



The Alexander Ammerman Memorial Scholarship is offered in the memory of our dear colleague, Alexander Ammerman, whose life was cut tragically short in 2020. Mr. Ammerman, who served as Pinewood’s dedicated librarian, leaves behind a legacy of passionately promoting the written word in poetry and literature. While dedicating his life to teaching, reading, and writing, he touched the lives of all those who had the privilege to know him. Mr. Ammerman was scholarly, compassionate, discerning, thoughtful, poetic, and kind-hearted and it is these character qualities that we aspire to memorialize and promote through the recipients of this scholarship.


Candidates who wish to apply for the scholarship must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Must be an incoming Grade 10 student new to Pinewood
  • Must follow a pre-IB track in Grade 10
  • Must demonstrate financial need through submission of required financial documents
  • Must submit an original piece of writing – a poem or short story – for consideration

All candidates will present their literary submissions to a 3-member committee, including the Pinewood Head of School, Secondary Principal, and Language & Literature Department Chair. Additionally, all submissions will be shared with the community and displayed in the Mary Glyn Hick Library for one year. The winning recipient each year will be the one who has submitted the poem or short story deemed to reflect the finest literary qualities compared to the others. 

Scholarship Amount


With a generous annual donation of 6,000 euros from the Ammerman family, each year’s recipient will receive the same deduction to his/her tuition for the Grade 10 year. All recipients are also eligible to apply for a Pinewood IB Scholarship in Grades 11-12 (see HERE for details) in order to continue their education at Pinewood through to graduation.

 Recipients’ Responsibilities and Honors

Scholarship recipients are contributing to the guardianship of Mr. Ammerman’s memory in the hearts and minds of the Pinewood community. Ergo, they are expected to uphold the character attributes that he embodied and simultaneously remain in good academic standing during the recipient year.


Scholarship Application Dates:

MARCH 15, 2023 Announcement of scholarship on the website

APRIL 24, 2023  Submission of financial documents & application to the school

MAY 22, 2023  Submission of an original piece of writing

JUNE 5, 2023 Announcement of Award Recipient