The Middle School Visits Stavroupoli Botanical Garden


Stavroupoli Botanical Garden is a “green” oasis in the area of Western Thessaloniki. Its role is to get the people of Thessaloniki aware of the beauty that a Botanical Garden can bring to city neighborhoods, to teach them the importance of Environmental Studies, and most important of all, get people to love “green spaces.”

It is now commonly realized that “green spaces” are the element that is missing from Thessaloniki. The Municipality of Stavroupoli realizing this need created back in 2002 the Stavroupoli Botanical Garden in a 5,000 square-metre site in the area of Ano Ilioupoli. It was funded exclusively by the Stavroupoli Munucipality and is the first Municipal Botanic Garden in Greece. It is made up of 8 different thematic parts, including a 6 m high Green House with tropical plants, a waterfall and 3 ponds. The Municipality’s idea is to expand on the idea and create a Metropolitan Park of 35 hectares, in which the Botanical Garden will play a prominent role.

We had a wonderful time visiting the Botanical Garden. Our local guide explained the role of every plant in it, their characteristics and their importance for the environment. Back in school we will concentrate on Greek plants and Greek Mythology. Our next project is to research and present how our Greek ancestors inspired by its plant’s beauty created a myth to complement it.

Mrs. Amalia Spiliakou
Host Country Studies Coordinator