Transform the Figurine: Winner!


Congratulations to Pinewood student; Sofia Papakosta!

There are no limits as to what students can do with a “Figurine” Template provided by the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens.  With media such as crayon, markers, coloured papers, newspapers, cloth or beads, students are encouraged to use their imagination and ‘Animate’ their Museum figurine Template!

Every year the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens organizes a competition, entitled “Transform the Figurine.” This year, Pinewood’s Grade 4 Social Studies and Host country Studies classes joined forces to take part in this competition. We sent 20 figurines transformed into “American Heroes”!

Of course, we were not the only ones. Over 15.300 students from all over Greece participated, but the works of only 398 students were awarded with distinction. Pinewood’s Grade 4 student, Sofia Papakosta was one of them and we sincerely congratulate her!

Alexia Marinides and Amalia Spiliakou