• Schoolbus


    Bus  Program

    All School bus transport vehicles comply with applicable regulations of the Hellenic Republic. A bus monitor shall be assigned to each School bus transporting students under 12 years of age.

    The School shall not offer door-to-door bus transportation service and shall make every possible effort to keep travel time to a reasonable minimum. There are two types of bus transportation services:

    1. regular bus routes (morning and afternoon): optimal travel time will not exceed one hour with arrival/departure from the School enabling on-time operation of the School schedule; and
    2. after-school activities bus route: optimal travel time will not exceed one and a half hours with an afternoon departure, normally leaving in a timely manner following the daily after-school activities program.

    The bus routes shall be published and available when the enrollment period for the following school year begins. Published bus routes shall be provided with the registration package to each new and returning student and thereafter posted on the School’s bulletin board during the first week of the school year.