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    Elementary Division

    Grades one through three provide a secure and stimulating environment where children are encouraged to develop as individuals. Within this environment, children are provided with an excellent foundation in the skills needed to become responsible and productive citizens. During the lower elementary grades, study skills are developed and homework is assigned daily.

    From grade four through grade five, students continue to refine basic skills. Emphasis is on independent study with frequent use of available resources for assignments and regular long-term projects and presentations. Students at the upper elementary level are expected to assume leadership positions and serve as role models. They are encouraged to take an active role as problem solvers. The upper elementary includes a variety of cooperative learning opportunities that build group skills and offer leadership experiences. 


    Homework, when designed and carried out in proper measure, has a valuable role to play in the education of elementary age children. Homework is seen as providing reinforcement and enrichment for the children and also provides parents with an opportunity to see the kind of work being done in the various classes.  Homework assignments are shorter in the lower grades and become significantly longer by Grade 5, at which time students are preparing for the transition to the Middle school.

    Textbooks  and  Educational  Supplies

    The school supplies all textbooks and workbooks needed for the core academic subjects.  The textbooks must be returned in good condition at the end of the school year.  All other supplies that students need for their school work will be supplied by the parents.  A complete list of necessary supplies will be provided during the first days of school.

    Standardized  Testing

    The Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) is a computer adaptive assessment given annually to students in grades 1-5 and measures reading and mathematics.  Test scores and results are reported directly to the parents as soon as possible by the elementary teachers.  Questions and/or concerns should be directed either to your child’s classroom teacher or Mr. Kois, Elementary Team Leader.

    Monthly Assemblies

    Each month that school is in session, an assembly of the entire elementary school is held in the Pinewood gymnasium for the purpose of creating a closer feeling of community among the elementary grades.  The assemblies are primarily organized to display curricular content on which individual grade levels are focusing in the classrooms, but they also provide a forum for discussing issues of general concern to the elementary school students.  Parents are always invited to attend these assemblies.